117th Graduation Ceremony

The most peak moment expected by the students at the end of their studies is graduation. On Sunday, March 11, 2018, the 117th graduation ceremony was held at Graha ITS Building, which was attended by graduates from the Faculty of Marine Technology and the Faculty of Vocational. After the procession in Graha ITS was completed, the graduates from each department were escorted by the juniors to their departments, including the graduates of Marine Transportation Engineering Department.

The 6th graduation ceremony  that was held by Department of Marine Transportation Engineering after officially established, was filled with a friendly and warmly welcome for presenting the graduates and their parents/ guardians. BG Munaf Hall was designed with a special decoration to enliven the graduation ceremony in the department. The event was began by opening speech from the Head of Marine Transportation Engineering Department, Ir. Tri Achmadi, Ph.D., who stated very proud of the graduates, which amounted to 21 graduates in total. Following that the remarks came from the Chairman of Student Association (Himaseatrans) – Aveshina Dian Widiarto, graduation representatives – Maulana Yafie and Desy Anggraeni and representatives of the graduation parents. The event was concluded by acoustic performance and remo dance offerings from Marine Engineering Students Association. This year’s graduation ceremony was more special to Department of Marine Transportation Engineering because of its accreditation of “A” granted by National Accreditation Board of State University (BAN-PT).

Photo session along with all graduates and lecturers
Saying of Good Luck from graduates' supporters

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