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The Department of Marine Transportation Engineering (a.k.a Seatrans) is one of the departments in the Faculty of Marine Technology, which was inaugurated in 2011 under the name of Department of Marine Transportation. In line with the transformation of ITS into Higher Education with Legal Entity (PTN-BH), Department of Marine Transportation changed to Department of Marine Transportation Engineering. The department was established with the aim of addressing the challenges of being an archipelagic country, where many challenges must be faced by the Indonesian people in promoting the development and prosperity of people.

The department was established in order to prepare highly specialized human resources in the field of marine transportation. After completing the education in this department, it is expected that graduates (alumni) will be able to make a real contribution in the development of marine transportation sector in Indonesia.

As a relatively new department, we continue to develop ourselves in capacity building efforts. One of the efforts that has been done is to develop a network both nationally and internationally. Since 2012-2016, we had cooperated with a consortium of higher education institutions in the Netherlands through the NICHE Project namely “Capacity building in marine transportation and logistics education and research at ITS”. This project is a grant from Nuffic. The consortium consists of several competent educational and industrial institutions: STC BV, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Panteia.

If you are interested in the maritime sector, be part of us. Prospects and job opportunities in this sector are still wide open as long as Indonesia is still an archipelagic country.

Ir. Tri Achmadi, Ph.D.

Why was the department established?

“Nation can be powerful only if it controls the ocean, and to control the ocean we must control sufficient fleet”

Ir. Soekarno, National Maritime Convention I, 1963

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country with approximately 2/3 territory consists of waters. With that geographical condition, marine transportation plays a vital and strategic role not only from the economic, but also the ideological, political, socio-cultural and defense aspects of security. In other words, marine transportation is the foundation of entire economic and quality of life of the Indonesian nation.

Sectors that have been impressed “ignored” have very costly consequences for Indonesians to pay. The low role of the national shipping industry and shipyard industry in the marine transportation sector affects on the high cost of logistics, the low performance of ports in Indonesia and others that show the consequences of the neglect of the marine transportation sector.

In order to manage the optimum of marine transportation sector is required human resources who have a high specific competence in the field of marine transportation. One method to improve the quality of human resources is through higher education. This is in line with government programs to empower maritime sector (including marine transportation) in order to actualize Indonesia as the world maritime axis.