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Student Affairs

Trend of Seatrans' Enthusiasts

Since officially established in 2011, the trend of enthusiasts for joining in this department has been increasing significantly. Within 6 years, the number of enthusiasts has increased 2-fold, it can be shown that the ratio of registrants to re-enroll from 1:11 in 2011 to 1:22 in 2016.

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Trend of Seatrans' Enthusiasts

Student Profile

Currently, the interest to work in the maritime sector is no longer dominated by male students. The trend of student composition by gender shows the number of female students is getting bigger.

Student Activities

ITS students get the opportunity to develop their interests and talents in the student activity unit. By joining in this unit, students are expected to improve their soft-skill instead of only focusing on academic ability. Some of these activities include art, sport, martial arts and special activities. More information can be seen here.

Student Achievements

Besides gaining the academic achievement, Seatrans’ students are also capable of gaining other achievements both nationally and internationally from various events. Hereby the list of student achievements from 2014 to 2016: