Seatrans Goes to Final Round of Green Wave Competition 2017

Green Wave Environmental Care Competition is an international event held by Sembcorp Marine Ltd Singapore that aims to inculcate awareness and motivate students to gain a sense of personal and group responsibility for their own environment and in the process, learn how to reason, think critically and act to protect it in a balanced way. The project also hopes to promote innovative thinking among students, encouraging them to develop new ideas, processes and equipment for the betterment of our environment. For more detail information about Green Wave can be clicked here.

The judges of this event consists of academic, industry and government representatives, chaired by Dr. Victor Savage, Associate Professor of the Department of Geography, National University of Singapore and a member of the Singapore Environmental Council Board. Ir. Tri Achmadi, PhD, Head of Marine Transportation Department ITS has also been a member of Green Wave Environmental Care Competition jury since 2015.

At this moment, Green Wave Environmental Care Competition 2017, Department of Marine Transportation Engineering ITS (Seatrans) represented by three groups has passed the first stage and and has entitled to proceed to the final stage. There are 15 groups passed to the final round, including Seatrans students. Hereby the innovation titles of Seatrans students that will be presented on the final round:

  1. Bio-Fouling For Artificial Coral Reef (Bio Are): Apparatus For Processing Biofouling Wastage And Making Artificial Coral Reef
  • Team Leader: Septia Ratna Sari
  • Supervisor: Achmad Mustakim, ST, MT, MBA.
  1. Coco Fibers Converter (COFITER): Integrated Machine To Convert Coco Fibers Into Green Concrete Rooftop
  • Team Leader: Zeffri Irawan
  • Supervisor: Irwan Tri Yunianto ST, MT.
  1. Cattle Dung On Livestock Ship Utilization
  • Team Leader: Ryan Rachman
  • Supervisor: Hasan Iqbal Nur, ST, MT.

The final round of Green Wave Competition 2017 will be held on November, 8th 2017 in Sembcorp Marine Admiralty Yard, Singapore. Hopefully, Seatrans students can give the best results and can bring pride to Department and ITS. As in the competition last year, two of our groups managed to get the first and second rankings. Support from all parties will be very helpful in achieving that goal for this time.

Green Wave Competition 2016
The 3rd Winner of Green Wave 2016

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