Goes to Abroad Twice in One Semester

Surabaya – Many achievements have been gained by one of Seatrans students (class of 2014), Dio Mukti Kuncoro. Being a student with the highest GPA in his generation and serving as one of the vice-chairmen of Faculty Association (BEM-FTK) in this current period (2017/2018), Dio has also been traveling abroad for a number of occasions.

The first exchange activity he attended was “Student Association Internship” in Thailand, held by International Office ITS in November 2016. Dio said that there were so many knowledge and experiences he got during Thailand’s internship especially on how the Student Association organizes their activities. His experience and his knowledge grew as he became one of the few people at ITS who had the opportunity to attend short courses at Kumamoto University Japan in April 2017. In this program, Dio had the opportunity to meet other participants from various countries other than Indonesia.

Dio explained which exchange was most impressive, “both are memorable, because went to Thailand was his first experience abroad. On the other hand, Japan gave me an opportunity to meet people from other countries that have many differences. In Thailand I just met people from ITS and Thai people only, meanwhile in Japan I met people from around the world, it was like all about the outside world.”

This student exchange that Dio have done looks fun and exciting, but it does not mean that he follows the exchange smoothly. He also has to deal with many obstacles that he has to face during his activities in Japan. He said that the major obstacle that occurred during the exchange was the language. Local residents both in Thailand and Japan, not all of them could speak English fluently. It was caused by how much they love and respect their own culture, including their languages. Indonesian people should have the same nationalism as Thai and Japanese people.

Dio also said that time management was very important in terms of managing time for classroom activity and other outside activities, especially to prepare the exchange documents, it would be easier if it prepared from the beginning. Language skill and required documents could not be prepared in a short time. Hence, it would be great to prepare all of exchange documents in advance.

Despite having done the student exchange twice, it does not seem to make Dio complacent. He said in the future, he hoped to go back to the exchange activities with a longer duration in one semester. However, he currently decided to focus more on the scientific writing contest he was followed.

At the end of the interview, one of the best GPA in this department was to convey his message to his junior students (especially for class of 2015 and 2016) to develop themselves continuously  in the field of internationalization. According to him, a global-oriented student of Marine Transportation is indispensable because marine transport sector technically demands people in it to have the experience and competence that qualified. “Because our field is actually very broad, if we do not have added value with good experiences, we will not be able to survive in the future. Thus, I emphasize to improve yourself as well as possible, both hardskill and softskill”, that was his message.

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