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As the largest archipelagic country in the world, marine transportation plays important roles for Indonesian economic growth and welfare

By having a destiny as an archipelagic country, is actually a valuable basic capital for economic development and welfare of its people. The vast ocean of almost two thirds of Indonesia is not an inter-island separator, but as a unifying force that integrates inter-island and international areas.

Therefore, in order to improve the utilization of Indonesia’s geographical potential, it is necessary for the sons and daughters of the nation who are educated and have special competence in marine transportation field. With that foundation of thought, the Department of Marine Transportation was established.


Creating a conducive atmosphere and learning process so that students can actively develop their own potential.


Conducting a research according to scientific principles and methods systematically in terms of understanding the science and technology.


Conducting devotion to the community by utilizing science and technology to promote prosperity and educate the nation.

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“The course contents of The Department of Marine Transportation have been proven to make students ready to face the real work problem and able to boost the career of the graduates.”

YUDHA RIZKIE KURNIAWAN Operation and Commercial Manager PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia III Cabang Lembar

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