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Welcome Our Prospective Students

Why should you choose Seatrans?

Indonesia is the largest MARITIM COUNTRY in the world with almost 2/3 territory consist of waters. This fate is the basic capital for economic development and improve the welfare of its people.

As a maritime country, some of the major challenges of the Indonesian Nation are still demanding a comprehensive solution including: economic equilibrium of the West and East Indonesia, National Logistics System, Strengthening the Integrated National Connectivity and others. Marine Transportation is one sector that can contribute to minimize the above problems.

Therefore, in order to optimally utilize destiny as a maritime nation, it is necessary that the sons and daughters of the nation be educated and have special competence in the Marine Transportation field.

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) as the largest technical college in eastern Indonesia has been declared as the center of national maritime development. This has been stated in ITS’s vision:

Becoming a university with an international reputation in science and technology, especially those that support environmentally sound industries and MARINE

What would you learn?

There are still many wrong assumptions about us. We do NOT educate students to become a SEAFARER. If you are interested in becoming a sailor, you can study in a high school of shipping or similar school.

In this department, you will learn about ship conceptual design, ship operation planning, port conceptual planning, port management, maritime logistics planning, and the application of ICT (Information Communication Technology) in the field of Marine transportation. More information about what you will learn can be seen in the curriculum.

How to register as a student in this department?

The admission of new students at Seatrans is done jointly throughout the ITS. The admission process of new students is conducted by three paths:

  1. National Selection of State University (SNMPTN);
  2. Joint Selection of State University (SBMPTN); and
  3. Selection of Partnership and Independent Program (PKM).

The proportion of new student admissions in each selection path is: 30% for SNMPTN, 40% for SBMPTN and 30% for PKM.

More information on these three entry points can be found here.

What kind of facility do we have?

Department Facilities

Classrooms are comfortable and equipped with various means of supporting the teaching and learning process.

Laboratories are consisting of Marine Transportation and Logistics Laboratory, Port and Infrastructure Laboratory, Marine Transportation Telematics Laboratory and Computation and Research Operation Laboratory.

Faculty Library that can be used by all students in the Faculty of Marine Technology.

Student Association (HIMASEATRANS) as a forum for students to be more active and be creative. More information can be found here.

ITS Facilities

ITS center library with a 6-story building that is accessible to all ITS academicians. More information can be found here.

Student Dormitory, facility that is intended for new ITS’ students. You are entitled to use this dormitory facility. More details can be found here.

Sports Facilities. ITS manages a number of sports facilities that can be used by all academicians of ITS, other than outsiders. Sports facilities are including soccer stadium, badminton court, futsal, basketball, volleyball, rock climbing and others. More information can be found here.

How is Seatrans’ Prospect?

The education program in the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering is designed to provide sufficient supplies for alumni to enter the professional world. The integration of professional experience of faculty members is an important part of this program in equipping students with the latest in science.

Armed with knowledge of the basic concepts of ship design, port design and knowledge of economic aspects, management and finance, students are trained to be able to make the decision-making process appropriately.

As long as Indonesia is still an archipelagic country, the prospect of work for alumni is still wide open. To get an overview of what jobs are open to the seatrans alumni, please see the alumni page (click here).

The spectrum of job prospects from both industry and government sectors can be seen as follows:


  1. Shipping company
  2. Port
  3. Freight forwarder
  4. Shipyard
  5. Fishery
  6. Banking (when lending credit for the procurement of vessels, it is necessary for people who understand the operational vessel)
  7. Oil and gas
  8. Manufacture industries that require transportation for delivery of their products
  9. Others


  1. Ministry of Transportation
  2. Ministry of Marine and Fisheries
  3. Ministry of Industry
  4. Ministry of Trade
  5. National Planning and Development Agency
  6. Regional Planning and Development Agency
  7. Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education
  8. Others

Seatrans’ Booklet can be download here.

Do not hesitate to join us!

"See the future, Sea is the future"