Internal Quality Assessment 2017 by SPMI ITS

On Friday, October 28th, 2017, the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering is visited by two auditors from Internal Quality Assurance Unit of ITS (SPMI – ITS) namely A.A. Bagus Dinariyana Dwi P., ST, MES, Ph.D. and Ir. Arif Musthofa, MT. This internal audit activity is carried out every year to keep a good quality on the organization, including administrative and teaching-learning processes at the departmental level. The quality assurance system is structured in accordance with the quality assurance system imposed by ITS. There are 11 standards that become the reference in quality assessment at the department level:

Standard 1Vision and MissionStandard 7Research
Standard 2GovernanceStandard 8Public Service
Standard 3Students and AlumniStandard 9Cooperation
Standard 4Human ResourcesStandard 10 Internal
Standard 5AcademicStandard 11AUN-QA
Standard 6Infrastructure, Facilities and Finance

For about three hours the internal audit process is conducted by discussing and delivering evidence from the department’s performance results, the final total value of the department is 372. From the assessment results, there are several standards that need to be the main focus of the department for future improvement: standard 4 on human resources and standard 5 on academic.

In addition, the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering is applying for a re-accreditation to the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN – PT), which in this year is expected the department can obtain the accreditation value of “A”. Therefore, the internal audit process by the SPMI Team of ITS is very helpful in the process of achieving the accreditation value of “A”.

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