Seatrans Alumni in Reunion

After almost 6 years has officially established as Department and has produced a total of 195 graduates (116 graduates are alumni from Department of Naval Architecture and Ship Building Engineering majoring in Marine Transportation and 79 graduates are alumni from Department of Marine Transportation), finally the inaugural meeting that was initiated by Seatrans alumni in Jakarta, was held on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at Pizza de Birra, South Jakarta.

The event was packed informally and was attended by 17 alumni from various generation, ranging from the first generation of the Seatrans class of 2003 (P-43) until the youngest generation, class of 2012 (P-52).

Some of the agenda that became the main focus discussion in the alumni’s first meeting include:

  1. Mapping work area of Seatrans alumni in Jakarta;
  2. Introducing the working area among each alumnus, especially for the young alumni;
  3. Discussing the current issues regarding the development of shipbuilding industry, shipping industry, insurance, logistics, etc;
  4. Planning for the next regular meeting.

Seatrans Alumni - Jakarta:

1. Ferdinand P43 (MBSS)
2. Choirul Anwar P44 (Adani)
3. Reza P44 (Meratus)
4. Berly P45 (Global Internusa)
5. Girindra P46 (Jasindo)
6. Ariston P46 (Patria)
7. Iksan Ade P46 (Samindo)
8. Sion P47 (Meratus)
9. Eko P47 (Meratus)

10. Fandy P47 (Boubon Offshore)
11. Bagus P49 (Serasi Shipping)
12. Fajar P49 (Truba Jaya Engineering)
13. David P51 (Pertamina)
14. Nuel P51 (Damco)
15. Wicit P52 (CKB)
16. Sulthon P52 (Panalpina)
17. Putra P52 (CKB)

The next agenda has been determined that regular meeting of Seatrans alumni in Jakarta will be held once a month, every Friday in the third week. The topic of discussion in October will be talking about the alumni’s contribution to help in developing the new curriculum of 2018-2023 for Department of Marine Transportation Engineering.

By having regular alumni meeting is expected to provide added value either for individual or organization. It could also be a trigger to be followed by other alumni in other areas. This activity intends to increase a solid and a responsible among alumni as youth generations to provide the best solution for Indonesia’s maritime development.

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