Seatrans Super Sailing 2017

Seatrans Super Sailing (SSS) is a pre-eminent activity and is a annual agenda for Department of Marine Transportation Engineering students who aim to:

  1. Increasing solidarity among Seatrans students, especially those who participate in this activity.
  2. Developing the maritime horizon of Seatrans students in particular to get understanding about marine transport technology, especially in the field of port, shipping and maritime logistics.
  3. Introducing main parts of the vessel, such as construction, propulsion, and vessel navigation.

In 2017, Seatrans Super Sailing (SSS) sailed from Surabaya (Port of Tanjung Perak) to Lombok (Port of Lembar) by using MV Legundi operated by PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry. With the theme of “THE NEXT GENERATION”, this sailing event was held for four days, starting from 20 October to 24 October 2017. It was followed by 52 participants from class of 2016, 11 student committees and 4 lecturers companion.

The main activities in Seatrans Super Sailing 2017 are:

  1. Sailing and reviewing parts of MV Legundi, including review of engine room, vehicle deck, pavilion, accommodation and interactive discussions with captain and crew on board.
  2. Conducting surveys and observations of sea transportation services in Gili Terawangan and Gili Air, covering the characteristics of sea transport users, marine transportation infrastructure and existing ship fleets served in those two islands.
  3. Visiting Port of Lembar, includes explanation of its facilities and operational activities.
Observing Main Engine Room at MV Legundi
Observing Car Deck at MV Legundi
Morning Exercise in Gili Air
Site Visit at Passenger Terminal, Port of Lembar

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