Sharing Session from Alumni

As one of the FTK’s Alumni Association responsibilities particularly in the field of alumni education, thus on Friday 15 September 2017 that was exactly one day before the graduation ceremony, was held “Sharing Session from Alumni to Prospective Graduates” at Room W-307, W-Building, ITS¬†Campus,¬† Surabaya.

The purpose of organizing this event is to provide the prospective graduates for preparing their career paths after completing their studies in Faculty of Marine Technology. This event discussed about job prospects generally in marine technology field, importance to setting-up the life goals after graduate (directly apply to work or pursue the master program) and sharing tips and tricks to pass the job interview session. In this event invited several alumni as main speakers consisting of various maritime science backgrounds namely Moko Prijambodo (Head of Department of Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance at Total E & P Indonesie), Abdul Aziz (Head of Port Authority Banten) and Fadila Putra Kusuma (Manager of Ship Facilities at PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero)).

The event was moderated by Musthofa (alumni of P-23). He created an atmosphere fully of enthusiasm from both speakers and participants. The participants attended were prospective graduates from the Department of Naval Architecture and Ship Building Engineering, Department of Marine Engineering, Department of Ocean Engineering and Department of Marine Transportation Engineering.

During the sharing session, Moko asserted that the importance of conducting self analysis for the preparation of a job interview by using SWOT-analysis (Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat). Meanwhile, Aziz underlined that the salary received will follow the competence of individual itself, the greater competence owned will be directly proportional to the salary received. The session was ended by the youngest alumni from the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering, Fadila (P-45), who emphasized the importance of appearance, hard skill and soft skill (especially communication skill) that FTK’s fresh graduates must have in order to compete with other university alumni.

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