Field Assessment for Accreditation by BAN PT

Before being renamed as Department of Marine Transportation Engineering per January 2017, the Department of Marine Transportation for Undergraduate Program has been accredited with rank of “B” starting from October 24, 2014 – October 23, 2019 in accordance with the Decree of National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) No.403/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/X/2014. Along with the increase of Department performance and student achievement, at the beginning of 2017, Department of Marine Transportation Engineering applied re-accreditation to BAN-PT. Due to a change of department name, BAN-PT issued a new Decree in accordance with No.2934/SK/BAN-PT/Ak.PNB/S/VIII/2017 stating that the Bachelor Degree Program of Marine Transportation Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS) accredited by “B” from 23 January 2017 to 23 October 2019.

In order to re-accredit the Undergraduate Program of the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering, on Friday last week (24 November 2017), Department has been visited by two assessors from BAN-PT namely Prof. Dr.Eng. Yanuar from University of Indonesia and Daeng Paroka, ST, MT, Ph.D. from Hassanudin University. The visitation of the two assessors is to perform document verification and physical checking of all information contained in the Bachelor Program Form (“Borang”) of Marine Transportation Engineering. In addition, there are some standards that become basic assessment of accreditation as follows:

Standard 1Vision, Mission, Objective, Target and Achievement Strategy
Standard 2Governance, Leadership, Management System and Quality Assurance
Standard 3Student Affairs and Graduates
Standard 4Human Resources
Standard 5Curriculum, Learning and Academic Atmosphere
Standard 6Financing, Infrastructure, Facilities and Information Systems
Standard 7Research, Public Service and Cooperation
Welcoming session by Rector
Document verification

After the document verification agenda is over, the next agenda is an interview session with students and alumni. Some students expressed hope that the Department has its own building in the near future. The two alumni who currently work in the field of maritime shipping and logistics, they stated that the knowledge obtained from the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering is very useful in their career path. This is certainly an excellent input for the department, especially for formulating a new curriculum in the next year.

The last agenda is visit to laboratory and classroom. The closing session of this visitation event is marked by the submission of Minutes of Field Assessment for Accreditation of Study Program of Bachelor Level to Head of Department and Vice Dean of Faculty of Marine Technology.

Interview session
Interview with students and alumni
Visitation at Laboratory of Port and Infrastructure
Visitation at Laboratory of Marine Transport Telematics
Closing session
Submission of Minutes of Field Assessment for Accreditation

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