Welcoming Session to New Students

OKKBK2017 Seatrans

“Welcome to the club” started the opening speech of Head of Marine Transportation Engineering Department to the new students of 2017 at the Welcoming Session of Scientific Orientation and Profession based on Competency (OK2BK). This event aims to introduce new students regarding the campus environment, especially in the Department of Marine Transportation Engineering. In this session was followed by 52 students where three of them came from Timor Leste. With the theme of Innovative Youth Generation for Maritime Improvement, it is expected that the new students will have the spirit to innovate in increasing Indonesia’s maritime glory.

OKKBK2017 Seatrans

OK2BK will be held for 4 days starting from 22 to 25 August 2017. New students of 2017 not only get the material about the department’s activity from lecturers, administration staff and senior students, but also from alumni and outside presenters. Some of the materials that will be delivered include vision and mission of department, curriculum and academic, student activities, student learning ethics and culture, introduction of entrepreneurship, and spirit of togetherness being part of Marine Technology Faculty.

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